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Those who have heard Steve’s story firsthand…

"Steve Sjogren’s account of his near-death experience is unlike anything that I have ever heard. With genuine humor he overlays a truly dramatic story. His experience leaves you with a genuine awareness of all that really matters in life."

Bruce from Cleveland

"This is a fascinating and miraculous story of the power of God in the life of an individual. While what Steve has to share of his encounter with death doesn’t happen often, it should be a tremendous encouragement to all who read it. It reveals that God has a specific plan for each individual who is devoted to him; thus, in regard to our lives and our appointed time of departure into eternity, we can confidently say, ‘It ain’t over until God says it is over.’ God will indeed accomplish his plan through willing individuals. Steve’s story is evidence of that."

Dave from Sacramento

"As the level of devastation and destruction that Steve’s life suffered unfolded through his testimony, I felt a rage rising deep in my soul; a rage against the medics, a rage against the enemy, even a rage against God. That any man should suffer in this way defied comprehension. But as the fullness of God’s goodness, grace and healing unfolded, the story became one not of tragedy but of abundant favour, I was left astounded at the enormity of this testimony. This is something EVERYONE should read."

Andy, Central England

Hearing Steve’s story was one that gripped you from the moment he started telling it. I’ve heard his story several times at different meetings and each time I hear it I have had the same feeling that came as a result of his tragedy and his "modern day miracle." However, this time as he spoke he hit a nerve. I have been counseling several guys in our church and each one said in one way of another "I’m better off dead than alive." These words are very similar to the feelings of George Bailey in the movie A Wonderful Life. Through talking with these guys, I’ve come to a conclusion that there is a connection between our life purpose, the level of success that we are enjoying at the moment in time and the warfare of going to life every day. So back to the story, Steve was speaking to a group of guys about his death experience and the thoughts of these guys that I’ve been counseling came front and center and I knew that Steve’s story was a story of hope for those who feel like their life has no purpose, no direction and that they could just vanish and nobody would care. Great story of God’s intervention!

Jon Sterns, Franklin, Ohio

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