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“How can we get Steve to come to our event to tell his story?”

Steve travels frequently to events all over the US, Canada, the UK and Europe to share his story of hope, encouragement and the freedom from fear.

You can contact Steve directly via email at He will discuss with you the particulars of what is involved with you in getting him to come to your event. His fee depends on the size of your group and the sort of event you are holding.

“What sorts of groups does Steve speak to?”

Steve is equally at home in speaking to business groups as well as spiritual groups of all sorts of persuasions. NOTE: Though Steve is a Christ-follower, he has spoken to numbers of groups from an array of backgrounds without pushing any sort of religious / spiritual agenda. His audiences find him a good fit with their event. His background is that he was a pastor with the Association of Vineyard Churches for 25 years and has started a number of churches with that group, but he has a heart for all sorts of groups.

To contact Steve with questions or booking requests:

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