The Book

The Day I Died
by Steve Sjogren

The Day I Died by Steve Sjogren

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An Unforgettable Story of Life After Death
It was a beautiful winter’s day, showing no signs of what was to come. Steve Sjogren, a successful pastor of a growing church, went into the hospital for routine surgery and died—twice. What began as a tragic medical accident led to Steve’s near-death experience, an encounter of unimaginable peace and some surprises, with comforting words from God, a meeting with an angel, and seeing those who had died before him. Readers of The Day I Died will hear Steve’s unforgettable story and catch a glimpse of heaven, discover how he learned a number of lessons about hearing God’s voice in times of crisis, how he learned to trust God in a new way during the recovery process and how his life has changed as a result of this experience.

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