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  • 1. tovorinok  |  July 5th, 2007 at 3:33 AM


    Great book. I just want to say what a fantastic thing you are doing! Good luck!


  • 2. sergey  |  September 5th, 2007 at 10:40 PM

    After reading your book, I felt a feeling of assurence of my destiny after death.

    before I had some doubts but now I know that I am going to to heaven as long as I keep my faith, live the faith, and spread the faith.

    thank you for your stories, very nice!

  • 3. Sue  |  June 18th, 2008 at 3:59 PM

    If we are a true Christian death ain’t no big deal.
    I left my body once while in the hospital and I realized after that that we don’t really die, we just change locations. Thanks for sharing your story.
    God bless

  • 4. Kristin Shields  |  September 7th, 2008 at 11:36 PM

    I just finished your book. I wanted to say how impressed I am by your lack of the fear of death, and also how you live to bless others! I have been sick for over 14 years, and have taken a turn for the worse lately. I am seeking God on how I can proceed, and hoping that I wil overcome the fear of death in the meantime. I have a problem with trusting doctors. I mostly use alternative means for treatment because of the nature of my illness, which has been good, but I am still not well. I am trying to find the part of your website where you mentioned in your book about overcoming the fear of death. I couldn’t find it. I feel that it will go much easier for me through the healing process if I can stop being so afraid. I have totally accepted Jesus in my heart, but I guess I have fears that I am still believing for deliverance from. Can you tell me where to find your thoughts on that in this website? I really want to get through this, and any help is appreciated. Thanks again Steve!
    Kristin Shields

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