More TV Interviews: The Day I Died on TBN

Steve Sjogren on TBNSteve recently appeared on TBN with Mark Chironna as host. The twenty-two minute interview was part of a two-hour program devoted to Christians who have experienced "near-death" experiences. Click on the picture, or on the player below to view the 22-minute excerpt.

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The Day I Died…on Television

Stevve Sjogren on HelplineIn a recent television appearance on Morris Cerullo’s Helpline television program, Steve Sjogren talks about his near death experience and what he learned from it. Click on the picture, or on the player below to view the 10-minute excerpt.

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Anna Nicole Smith: Overcoming the Fear of Death: The Tragedy of a Life Less Lived

by Steve Sjogren

As you well know, yesterday Anna Nicole Smith died unexpectedly of what looks to be an accidental drug interaction of some sort at least, that is the early indication of several sources, toxicology reports will require several weeks to get to the bottom of the issue.

No Judgments Necessary
No doubt, pulpits across the US will be filled with announcements of the Christless eternity that faces Ms. Smith in payment of her life of sin and debauchery. I say, “Not so fast!” and “Who died and left you in charge of such announcements?”

I remember some years ago a well-intentioned pastor friend of mine announced to his congregation the weekend after John Lennon’s murder, “Well, it has been about 6 days that Lennon has been in Hell… I wonder what he thinks about Jesus now…”

Of course, as a biblically-based person, I believe there are severe consequences for not trusting in Jesus to take care of the issue of sin. As any who take the Bible seriously, I believe that Hell is a real place and there are consequences for living and especially dying apart from Christ.

However, as a preacher-teacher-communicator of God’s word in public, in my opionion, something like my friend did with John Lennon is completely inappropriate. At the top of the list, he has no idea what was going through the mind of Lennon in his final moments on earth. I know for certain that Yoko Ono’s daughter is a very committed believer, something that has been an irritation to Yoko for many years. It is likely that she has explained the gospel to Lennon more than once. Lennon didn’t die instantly as he lay in front of the Dakota apartments, he lay on the sidewalk and bled for some time while he was fully conscious but unable to be moved. He was conversant.

It seems likely that any thinking person with any common sense would call out to God in the closing moments of life. No matter what Yoko may say. She has a vested interest in conveying a certain image of Lennon to the public. Thus we may never know until we stand before Jesus ourselves if he did business with God.

Believing The Best = Love
So it is with Anna Nicole. She lived a life of tragedy, one after the next. Don’t blame. Please don’t take the cheap shot. It is difficult to see Jesus doing that. Paul tells us that real love believes the best about a person’s efforts, intentions.

I have done many funerals where a person’s spiritual state was unclear. I have chosen to simply say, “I can guarantee you that if this person were here today they would strongly encourage us to take Jesus seriously, very seriously, while there is time and opportunity.”

While it is still “now” let’s also take the things of forever to heart.

Steve Sjogren is the author of The Day I Died which describes his near-death experience as the result of a medical accident.

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Bookings and Contact Info…

“How can we get Steve to come to our event to tell his story?”

Steve travels frequently to events all over the US, Canada, the UK and Europe to share his story of hope, encouragement and the freedom from fear.

You can contact Steve directly via email at He will discuss with you the particulars of what is involved with you in getting him to come to your event. His fee depends on the size of your group and the sort of event you are holding.

“What sorts of groups does Steve speak to?”

Steve is equally at home in speaking to business groups as well as spiritual groups of all sorts of persuasions. NOTE: Though Steve is a Christ-follower, he has spoken to numbers of groups from an array of backgrounds without pushing any sort of religious / spiritual agenda. His audiences find him a good fit with their event. His background is that he was a pastor with the Association of Vineyard Churches for 25 years and has started a number of churches with that group, but he has a heart for all sorts of groups.

To contact Steve with questions or booking requests:

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How’s Steve now?

“How is Steve doing now?”
This is one of the most commonly asked questions that Steve gets both in person and via emails. That is a difficult question to answer. In some ways he has shown progress far beyond what the doctors said he would ever attain to. (Remember, at first they recommended that Janie pull the plug and use him as an organ donor!) He has beaten the odds over and over again. The prognosis was that he would be slow mentally for the rest of his life because of the extended period of low blood pressure, but on his last IQ test he scored 15 points above his highest test score ever!

Some of Steve’s body is doing better and better it seems. For example, it is noticeable that he is walking better now than a couple of years ago. It’s not that his legs have gotten better – that’s pretty much beyond the scope of possibilities at this point. However, he has grown better at walking with the weakened legs that he has to work with.

But other parts of Steve’s body are doing poorly. His quads in his upper legs are nearly completely devastated to the point of being skin on bones. That lack of muscles makes going up and down stairs or ramps difficult to accomplish.

“What is Steve doing now?” 
Prior to the accident in 1997, Steve was leading the large Vineyard Community Church congregation in Cincinnati (about 7,000 people on weekends). As he shared in the book, his new “turtle” body couldn’t take the workload of more than about 35 hours per week. That didn’t fit with the amazing hourly work weeks that role demanded.  His doctors, with all great motives behind their words and therapy, declared that after one year, he would pretty much the full extent of the nerve damage renewal that would occur.  For that matter, at that point, the future of what he could expect in terms of a recovery of some sort would become clear at that point as well.  On December 10, one year after the accident Steve was still in very rough shape – as were his emotions.  Yet now, nearly a decade after the accident, an amazing renewal has happened at many levels of Steve’s life.  For example, Steve’s I.Q. dropped initially after the accident along with his speech pattern, speed, etc.  Recent testing indicates that his I.Q. has not only returned to where it was, but has increased to a significant level above what it was prior to the accident.  His speaking speed is a bit slower than before (but many think that speaking at 220 words per minute was a bit too fast in any case!)  

His energy has steadily increased to the point that in the past few years Steve and Janie began to once again ponder their long-term dream of planting one more cluster of churches – this time in Florida.  This dream is launching into a reality with a team of highly talented crew members as all comes together in late 2007 and early 2008.  The church, CoastlandTampa, is the product of the many lessons gained by years of serving, showing generosity, introducing many to Jesus, and learning to connect people to their talents.  Mostly Coastland is about extending the atmosphere of kindness to likeminded churches who think in similar ways in the U.S. and beyond.  

“How can I contact Steve directly?” 
Steve enjoys hearing from readers and is good at getting back to you via email. You can contact him directly at

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What others are saying…

Those who have heard Steve’s story firsthand…

"Steve Sjogren’s account of his near-death experience is unlike anything that I have ever heard. With genuine humor he overlays a truly dramatic story. His experience leaves you with a genuine awareness of all that really matters in life."

Bruce from Cleveland

"This is a fascinating and miraculous story of the power of God in the life of an individual. While what Steve has to share of his encounter with death doesn’t happen often, it should be a tremendous encouragement to all who read it. It reveals that God has a specific plan for each individual who is devoted to him; thus, in regard to our lives and our appointed time of departure into eternity, we can confidently say, ‘It ain’t over until God says it is over.’ God will indeed accomplish his plan through willing individuals. Steve’s story is evidence of that."

Dave from Sacramento

"As the level of devastation and destruction that Steve’s life suffered unfolded through his testimony, I felt a rage rising deep in my soul; a rage against the medics, a rage against the enemy, even a rage against God. That any man should suffer in this way defied comprehension. But as the fullness of God’s goodness, grace and healing unfolded, the story became one not of tragedy but of abundant favour, I was left astounded at the enormity of this testimony. This is something EVERYONE should read."

Andy, Central England

Hearing Steve’s story was one that gripped you from the moment he started telling it. I’ve heard his story several times at different meetings and each time I hear it I have had the same feeling that came as a result of his tragedy and his "modern day miracle." However, this time as he spoke he hit a nerve. I have been counseling several guys in our church and each one said in one way of another "I’m better off dead than alive." These words are very similar to the feelings of George Bailey in the movie A Wonderful Life. Through talking with these guys, I’ve come to a conclusion that there is a connection between our life purpose, the level of success that we are enjoying at the moment in time and the warfare of going to life every day. So back to the story, Steve was speaking to a group of guys about his death experience and the thoughts of these guys that I’ve been counseling came front and center and I knew that Steve’s story was a story of hope for those who feel like their life has no purpose, no direction and that they could just vanish and nobody would care. Great story of God’s intervention!

Jon Sterns, Franklin, Ohio

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